Silver Eagle Vineyard

Situated in the rolling hills north of West Sonoma County on the border of the Green Valley and Sonoma Coast Appellations, Silver Eagle Vineyard sits well above the valleys of the Russian River, offering its vines a respite from the thick fog that often covers those below. Consistent daytime sun and heat combine with the cool nights from the nearby ocean to build this site’s signature terroir.

The vines are tended by Ulises Valdez, whose passion for the grapevine and cultivation underscore what results from vision, determination and a good attitude.

After dropping out of school at the age of eight in his hometown in Southern Mexico, Ulises worked to support his family and, when a friend proposed they move to the U.S. to better do so, sixteen-year-old Ulises knew he must go. Twenty-six years later, with a philosophy to always learn as much as possible, Ulises is a U.S. citizen, has a wife and four children and oversees 1000 acres of grapevine renowned throughout the county.

Vineyard Specifications

Russian River Valley
Total Acres
Soil Type
Vine Training
Cane Pruned
Rolling Hilltop
Pinot Noir
VR, Calera, Pommard


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