El Diablo Vineyard

Within the rolling hillside Russian River site, vine rows at El Diablo Vineyard are planted on both parallel and perpendicular terraces, translating to great diversity, even within a single variety: varying clones, soil types, drainage levels and exposures build complexity into each El Diablo vineyard designated wine.

The vines are tended by Ulises Valdez’s vineyard management company, one that grew from the acclaimed grower’s sheer determination and passion for place. The Chardonnay is composed of three clones in equal parts, harvested and fermented together to create a clonal profile that varies slightly from year to year. The Pinot Noir rows from which we receive fruit sits slightly higher than the Chardonnay vines, and the resulting wine is highly structured with bright fruit characteristics and wilted floral notes.

Vineyard Specifications

Russian River Valley
Soil Type
Gravelly and Sandy Loam with Tight Clay Subsoil
Vine Training
Cane Pruned
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Grenache
Chardonnay: Wente, Montrachet, Robert Young; Pinot Noir: VR & Pommard; Grenache: Alban Selection


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