The 2016 harvest is in full swing!


Our winemaking team has brought in several tons of fruit over the last three weeks after a long, sunny summer. The team toasted to the start of harvest over Chardonnay from Ritchie Vineyard in the Russian River Valley, a new vineyard source for Ram’s Gate wines. True to tradition, Winemaker Jeff Gaffner christened the first fruit with a splash of sparkling wine.

IMG_6914 (1).jpg

When fruit arrives on our crushpad, its next step is to be hand-sorted.


The sorting process is an important step in that it allows our team to guarantee the fruit’s quality. The sorters line up along a conveyor belt and separate the bad from the good. Here’s what they’re looking to remove:


What’s left? The most pristine clusters of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that are then de-stemmed and moved into a vessel for fermentation.

Happy harvest,

Ram’s Gate Winery