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Taylr Behnam

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Taylr Behnam

Executive Chef

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Private Party Director

Taylr Behnam, Executive Chef at Ram’s Gate Winery, is a culinary adventurer and conceptual visionary whose career has been built in the kitchens of great restaurants and influenced by the centuries-old Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines passed down to her by her Iranian father and Mexican mother.

Taylr’s approach to creating a great pairing is to begin with the wine. She will taste a wine carefully, thoughtfully and repeatedly to understand its unique composition of flavors and textures. She then considers the wine as an actual ingredient, the base ingredient, in the palate masterpiece she wants to create, to contemplate which other ingredients might combine well. From there, Taylr experiments with flavors and textures until she’s found the kind of pairing that’s so sensational it’s hard to forget. An avid supporter of the locavore and sustainability movement in food as well, Taylr is just the thoughtful, creative and experienced innovator that Ram’s Gate is honored to call mastermind of our kitchen.